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Everything You Need to Know About the Flum Float

In the dynamic landscape of the vape industry, constant innovation is a defining characteristic. With the increasing popularity of vaping, companies are responding with novel solutions, such as disposable vape pens and devices designed to enhance the vaping experience. Among these, the Flum Float, which is up for instant purchase here, has emerged as a leading player with a focus on delivering one of the best vaping experiences available. Let’s delve into the distinctive features that set the Flum Float apart.

Flum Float Overview

The Flum Float disposable vape has made a significant impact since its introduction, revolutionizing the market. Notably, this extra-large disposable vape device surpasses others in size to accommodate an ample 8ml internal tank and a battery capable of providing power for approximately 3000 puffs. The Float utilizes 5% nicotine salt e-juice, offering a range of enjoyable flavors.

User-Friendly Design

One of the most appealing aspects of this Flum Vape is its simplicity. The device is designed for ease of use, housed in a single unit that requires no charging or refilling. Operating on a draw-activated mechanism, users can start puffing immediately upon opening the package and continue until the battery, which supports around 3000 puffs, is depleted. In essence, the Flum Float serves as a straightforward alternative to assembling a traditional vape kit.

Aesthetic Appeal

The Float boasts an unconventional design reminiscent of a canister or tube. Despite its larger size, the rounded exterior ensures a comfortable grip. Encased in a vibrant plastic shell, the device features bold colors corresponding to the enclosed flavor. While the design is lively and engaging, the relatively small mouthpiece in proportion to the device’s bulk may be a consideration for some users seeking discretion.

Flavor Selection

Flum Float distinguishes itself with a diverse range of flavors, leaving a lasting impression on the disposable vape market. Options include smooth and fruity dessert-style classics like strawberry ice cream and pina polo. Fruit enthusiasts can explore flavors such as strawberry mango, strawberry banana, mixed berries, and aloe grape. Cool mint or breeze flavors are available for those craving a refreshing menthol experience. Purchasing a three-pack on allows customers to mix and match flavors.

Pros and Cons


The primary advantage of the Flum Float lies in its simplicity, making it a hassle-free option for users. The device boasts a long-lasting battery, a robust and playful design, and a wide array of flavors to choose from. It caters to those transitioning from traditional cigarettes to salt nic vaping, providing a convenient and efficient nicotine fix without the smoke.


However, acknowledging the adage that nothing is perfect, users have identified a few drawbacks with this remarkable disposable device. Some have noted inconsistencies in flavor profiles, and the promised 3000 puffs may not consistently deliver until the very end. Like many disposable devices with pre-filled tanks and draw-activated batteries, as the battery nears depletion, both vapor production and flavor may diminish.

Final Words

In essence, the Flum Float stands out as a user-friendly, innovative, and flavorful option in the realm of disposable vape devices, with its unique features and a few considerations for potential users.